Let’s grow together

Our center is widely structured to carry out taming and training activities, also using the two sand fields and the covered round.

The trainer focuses on flat work and the objective is to create a horse/rider combination with a high degree of symbiosis.

Once the horse has reached a good level of flat work, he is ready to tackle many of the western disciplines, including: team penning, barrel racing, pole bending, gymkhanas, mountain trail, etc etc …

We also prepare walking horses, in fact the surrounding area offers suitable and varied routes.

Above all, we would like to underline that we work horses without resorting to coercive methods, protecting the psychophysical health of the horse and aiming to have horses that are “sweet” in the mouth, sensitive to the rider’s commands and well disposed to collaboration with humans.

Boarded horses

At Toscana Ranch ASD there are large masonry boxes, large paddocks and enclosures, two sand fields, a covered roundhouse, tack rooms, showers, club house…

The horse is an animal that by nature willingly lives in a herd and socializes among its peers, therefore our policy tends towards these objectives, in order to offer them an optimal psychophysical balance.

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